Cumslut Chrissy

My name is Chrissy.

I like tumblr, and I like cum.

I like it in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass, and all over me... I like to swallow it too.

Some of the pics and video on here will be my own, but I plan on reblogging anything I like to see as well. I love seeing cum on a girl's face, in her mouth, in her pussy, and in her ass too. So feel free to submit your own stuff to me too!


I love when he fucks my ass hard and squirts his hot load into my gaping asshole like this!

inyourtummy said: My kind of blog. I like a girl that wants sperm in her tummy. I like it even more when she talks about it. It sounds like you are an experienced cum eater - has there ever been a moment when you really struggled to gulp down a man's ejaculate, when there was just to much or it was just too nasty?

That has happened to me many times, but the one time that stands out the most was when I was on my knees by the front door and he kept on spurting shot after shot right into the back of my throat… I wasn’t expecting it, so it caught me off-guard and I ended up choking on it and coughing it up before I had a chance to taste it and play with it the way I wanted to before swallowing it.

We were videotaping that particular encounter, and I suppose that I could edit out any boring parts and post it here if anyone wants to see it… :)

Here’s a still from the video: